Car Wash Experts

touchless Automatic and Self-Serve

Located on the way to Okanagan Lake and camping at Ellison Provincial Park. Wash your Car, Boat, Motorcycle or RV (max height 11’5″), easy pull in/out access. Need purified bottled water? Bring your bottles we’ll fill you up.

Self serve



cars washed
million (smile)

Why are Cruizers the car wash experts?

Clean Facility

Clean facility

We’re proud of our super clean facility. Shouldn’t the place you “go to clean” be clean?

Hot Water

HOT water

Purified hot water gets your car clean
(and keeps your hands warm).

Qualitys Soaps

quality Soap

Premium products set us apart from your average carwash. Come try us, you’ll be amazed!

What is a Touchless Car wash?

No spinning dirty brushes here, absolutely nothing touches your car. A touchless automatic carwash uses high water pressure to clean instead of rotating brushes that can scratch your paint. 4 important factors for a spotless clean using a touchless system.

#1 water quality
Filtered + Correct pH
#2 Water Temperature
#3 Water Pressure
High Pressure
#4 Premium Soaps
Industry Leading
Cruizers Touchless Automatic Car Wash


  • Drive up to automatic teller
  • Pay with cash, credit or Cruizers WashCard
  • Drive forward when prompted
  • Place car in “Park” & relax…
  • Cruize Clean

Get in Touch

We always love to hear from our customers. Come for a car wash or contact us during our business hours.


Monday – Saturday 6:30am – 9:00pm

Sunday 7:00am – 9:00pm


Address 4106 25th Ave, Vernon BC

Phone 250.308.5046

Email lvanvliet at cruizers .ca

Why we’re different


  • Convenience

    Pay with credit, Cruizers WashCards or cash. Touchless Automatic accepts $1 thru $20, Visa, MasterCard or Cruizers PrePaid WashCards.

  • Water Sales

    Did you know we supply the majority of local residents with purified UV treated drinking water? Bring your bottles and taste the difference!

  • Vacuums

    9 vacuums on site, two of which are combo shampoo/vacuums. Just what you need to clean that upholstery stain. We also have vacuums in every self serve car wash bay.

  • Change/Vending

    Need some Armour All, window cleaner, gift cards or just a snack? All located in our lobby next to the change machine.


  • Wash Cards

    Cruizers Wash Cards. The perfect gift or a smart business savings for your fleet. Purchase onsite in lobby.
    Wash – Reload – Save

  • wash and save

    Free washes are good. Purchase a Cruizers Wash Card and save big! Receive up to 20% extra when you purchase or reload your prepaid card.

Do’s and Dont’s

  • Do wash the exterior of your vehicle.

  • Don’t wash the undercarriage, truck boxes or excessive mud. No engine washing, No degreasers, No bucket/hand washing.

  • Do dry your vehicle but please be courteous to those waiting and pull forward.

  • Do you need some Armour All, a Towel, Change or a snack? All available in our lobby.

Our Core Values


Born and raised in Vernon British Columbia I liked Cruizers so much I bought the company… (Remington Shaver throwback).
All kidding aside, Cruizers allows us the opportunity to do what we do best, Customer Service, Community and Clean cars. All staff trained by Mr Miyagi himself.

We Pursue Excellence

“Do to others as you’d like to have done to you”. Good words to live by and a good reason why Cruizers is so successful. Our goal is for you to “Cruize Clean” which can only be obtained with premium products and outstanding service. Only after you walk wash in your clients shoes can you be the Car Wash Experts.


Mission – Cruizers Carwash provides the general public a clean facility, premium products and outstanding service. We empower customers to professionally wash their vehicles and obtain a clean not possible “in the driveway”. Our customers are “The Community” and essential to Cruizers.
We look forward to serving you and supporting the North Okanagan community of Vernon BC.
Cruizers – Cruize Clean.

In your Community

We live in Vernon and we’re proud to be a part of the Vernon BC community. Cruizers is 100% locally owned and operated which isn’t typical of the carwash industry. Drop in and say hello!